Line of Duty Death Survivors: What Do They Need to Cope With Their Grief?

by Peggy Sweeney

Funeral arrangement announced for local detective fatally shot in the line of duty

This newsworthy article is often overlooked by the casual reader. Local newspapers and e-news headlines report the sad event of another fallen hero; the tragic death of a brave police officer or firefighter who has died in the line of duty. A dedicated professional who sacrificed his or her life to serve and protect or that homes and property would be saved from the ravages of fire, floods, or other forces of nature. Continue reading “Line of Duty Death Survivors: What Do They Need to Cope With Their Grief?”

In Death and In Life

by Robert Cubby

I am a retired Jersey City police captain. On 12/10/19, yesterday, my blue family of officers faced a hellish onslaught from two individuals hellbent on murdering the citizens of Jersey City. In their path of carnage, they murdered a brother officer and wounded two others. Not satisfied with that, they ran into a store murdering two innocent people before they were finally and fatally stopped by responding officers.

This story is not new. It seems it repeats itself over and over in city after city, town after town, rural and urban. I can’t speak of their losses although I feel them. I can only speak of my story, my personal loss.  Continue reading “In Death and In Life”