Meet Peggy Sweeney

Peggy Sweeney began her career as a mortician and bereavement educator thirty years ago. Since 1990, Peggy has developed and taught countless workshops on coping with traumatic loss and grief for professionals and families in North America including the Grieving Behind the Badge program for public safety officers, emergency response professionals, and their families.She has hosted monthly support groups including Comfort and Conversation for grieving adults and teens and Halo of Love for bereaved parents.

Peggy also served her various hometowns as a firefighter, EMT-B, and Hospice volunteer. She has devoted her time and efforts to making a positive change in the lives of others and reducing the number of suicides that are becoming all too common in the military and first responder communities. She was humbled to receive the Firefighter of the Year award from her Texas fire department for her help debriefing her brothers and sisters after a tragic incident.

Her editorial contributions have earned her several awards and have been featured in both print and electronic media including an article in the Firemen’s Bible by the Holman Bible Editorial Staff.

No stranger to grief, Peggy has experienced sorrow numerous times: the sudden death of her dad in 1975, the slow death of her mother to illness in 2002, the death of her infant brother when she was 12 years old, the suicide death of her 49-year-old brother-in-law, the years of waiting for her estranged son to contact his family. But the most painful grief she has felt is the death of her baby due to an ectopic pregnancy.

You may contact Peggy if you have a question, would like to write an article, or wish to suggest a topic of interest.