by Aubrey Futrell
Louisiana State Trooper (Retired)

Grief is a long and hard process that only time will ease. You will be going about your life when unexpectedly, without warning, something happens that reminds you of the one you’ve lost. You will see someone who looks like them or laughs like them. You hear a song on the radio that reminds you of them or you think of something you need to tell them and as you pick up the phone you realize, they’re gone… Your heart will break all over again, and the flood of tears will come.

There is a Egyptian story that says:
When God created the world, He made everything small so that it could grow with time: The grain into wheat, the baby into an adult, and the bud into a flower. Only sorrow was fully grown so it could decrease with time and man would be able to live with it.

I cannot imagine that it will ever heal, but with time, it will decrease and not hurt as bad and we will be able to live with it.

About the Author: Aubrey Futrell brings over fifty years of experience in law enforcement and criminal justice. Aubrey is known for his unique character and presentation style and has presented training both nationally and internationally for numerous organizations. He is now a private consultant, conducting training on a number of vital subjects for law enforcement.

In areas of stress and grief, Aubrey has plenty of experience. He has used this experience to teach and help others with their critical incidents. With regard to his personal grief, Aubrey has had two grown children and his spouse die. He has also dealt with prostate cancer (in remission) and the death of his best friend.

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