Nature Speaks

Robert Cubby

by Robert Cubby
Police Officer (retired)

Often when I get caught up in the news of the pandemic and start feeling remorse for the massive losses to this virus. I like to take a long walk in the woods. The fresh air and sunshine, the trees, plants, birds and animals all help me to cope with what I’m witnessing. I like to walk in a wildlife preservation area near my house. It is an ancient peat bog just teeming with all kinds of birds and waterfowl, deer, frogs and fish. The trails aren’t really well kept but passable. Some become overgrown from non-use and an adventurous hiker will machete a clear trail once again.

It was late spring-early summer, the height and beginning beginning of the pandemic. The TV was spewing out statistics that were hard to fathom. It was difficult envisioning losing that many people in one day. We only see those numbers in the time of war. But this war is different, the enemy superior in weapons and invisible. And winning. I had to walk away from the TV and get outside

I decided to bring my binoculars to see the birds better and hopefully see the bald eagles nesting in the area. As I was walking, I stopped just to take in the surroundings and enjoy the beautiful scenes around me. I noticed two swans, one sitting and one swimming. The sitting one was probably sitting on a nest. Sure enough, as the swan departed the nest I could see signets (baby swans). BIRTH!!! New life. How wonderful.

The trees were blooming, some spring flowers also blooming. Birds flitting around the trees singing. Further down the trail I stopped at a clearing, took out my binoculars to see the bald eagles. Two were there with their newborns also. Closer by another swan nest with signets. It seemed that nature didn’t stop because we did. Nature kept going, moving on.

What a message given. In the middle of all this loss and death, the cycle of life goes on and babies both animal and human, are being born. Trees and plants too tell us it’s ok to let go because birth and rebirth will still go on. Still repeat. There’s hope for us in that rebirth, in that renewal.

About the Author: Robert D. Cubby is a graduate of Montclair State College in 1973 with a BA in psychology. After graduation, he was sworn in as a police officer in Jersey City where he served for 38 years rising to the rank of captain 

As a result of his service, he was diagnosed with PTSD. After recovering enough to be released from therapy, Robert vowed that he would never want to see anyone go through the hell he went through. Robert is an accomplished writer, having co-authored two books and writing for several e-publications. He does presentations to various groups about PTSD. 

Three years ago, Robert lost his beloved wife, Diana, after a prolonged illness. He has attended bereavement groups to learn what he can about the grieving process and help others with similar grief issues. Robert is a trained bereavement group facilitator. He embraces alternate modalities of treatment such as Reiki, mindfulness, total relaxation technique, meditation, forest therapy, drumming circles, music therapy and yoga.

Robert brings to his writing his education, his experience and his life lessons in the hope of helping those who have fallen into the dark hole of despair.

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